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(The Lost Sigil, Book 1)

An evil empire. An offer of vengeance. A terrible price.

The Rodeam Kingdom has become a tyranny, rewriting their dark history and experimenting with vile magics on their own subjects.

When a woman is taken by the tyrant’s agents, the monarch doesn’t comprehend the grave mistake he’s just made. To rescue her sister from a terrible fate, Arionna agrees to learn the ancient arts under a potent wielder, the mysterious and manipulative Temporer, Melchior.

However, her power comes with strings attached. When Arionna is given a task that leaves her badly injured, she is found by a man who vows to keep her safe: Galil. Unfortunately for him, when Arionna wakes, keeping her alive–let alone safe–might prove to be too difficult.

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A Bit About Us

Co-Authoring is like banging two rocks together

then trying to make a new one from the rubble


Raymond Beckham

I live in the California Bay Area between San Francisco and Sacramento with my beautiful wife and three boys. As a small business owner, I run an I.T. company which my wife and I started over ten years ago. At an early age, I began to realize the power that words had over my life. The art of storytelling had me entranced, and little to my knowledge, once I was exposed to it, it wasn’t ever going to let go. One day while on a long road trip with my family, I began writing a story. The process and creative juices were intoxicating. From then on, I would steal any extra time I could to write down my new thoughts and ideas for the stories I wanted to tell. Having written dozens of partial stories and screenplays, along with hundreds of poems, I finally decided to take my craft to the next level and become a writer. With the encouragement of my wife, Ellie, I began co-authoring my debut novel series, The Lost Sigil with my friend and colleague, Darius Cook.

Darius Cook

I have always had an interest in the arts.  I took up singing and acting in high school; the writing of the plays spoke to me; it was an awesomely exciting time in my life. When I first started writing, I began with poetry; little did I know that it would be the start of something beautiful. Ever since I was in high school, I was influenced by several work colleagues to pursue the arts. This led me to further my creative writing, and after my first several projects, I was hooked. From the start of poetry to the end of my first book, I’ve always had a knack for writing. Being a nerd, I had a lot of alone time, so I used writing as my escape; now there is no looking back.



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